Get Ready. The 1 million selfies taken each day, just got meaningful. Say Cheese.

Picci is a mobile app that uses face recognition technology to identify and connect people from just one photo. 

In 2016 the global biometrics market was valued at USD 24 Billion and face recognition technology at USD 4.5 Billion of that market. What picci does that is unique to anything that currently exists, is it has a way to use this powerful and often controversial form of technology in an ‘everyday’ social way. From a photo or selfie, picci gives you the name of the people in the photo, in real time. What makes this even MORE unique is that is was built in Perth, Australia of all places. Who needs the valley?

The huge task of cracking face recognition tech at mass scale (one of the hardest technological problems at present) was tackled as a result Co-Founder Carl’s inability to seal a date with the girl of his dreams. When they 'met' (she was handing out energy drinks) his inner nerd prevailed and words failed him - all he had from it was a selfie - no name, no phone number, not even a way to stalk her on facebook. He did however have a degree in Mechatronic Engineering and a mate named Andy, so they pitched their idea to Jack's Ventures who have helped them build a special bit of tech (lovingly called the 'classifier') and an app, so that all you will ever need in the future to connect, is a photo of someone's face. Because ‘let’s face it’, we live in a visual world now anyway.

Picci soft launched on Dec 3rd, 2016 at the Wonderland Music festival in Perth. Drones were sent into the sky to take photos and those on picci were recognised and sent photos of themselves in real time to their smart phones. Yep, welcome to 2017. 

How does picci work? 

Picci gives photos power. The tech behind the app gives the name to any face in a photo and then gives the option to the user to share this photo with that person, as a connection request. Picci redefines the photo as the start, not the end, of social interactions.

The technology uses a combination of deep machine learning and computer vision techniques, that work in real-time to update and search in seconds. It is this combination that allows us to bring face recognition into the consumer app space with picci.

This technology is the anchor tech of Picci Technologies Pty Ltd, which is in development for enterprise solutions.

So go on. Get onto picci before you miss the person of your dreams and have to build a company and cutting edge tech just to find them.

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