Does face recognition scare you or excite you?

This clip shows a face recognition machine that was built in Russia. Have a look and see if it excites you or scares you. After that, answer this question.  IS THE WORLD READY FOR THE POWER OF THE TECHNOLOGY THAT IS BEING BUILT? 

We think so. Why? Because it is what you do with that power that matters. With picci we put the power of face recognition tech in the hands of the user. It is your face, you decide who connects with you. We only ever show the face that you choose to show and your first name. No surnames, no personal details and no instant connections. If someone tries to connect with you, you can accept and access the whole world that picci offers with your new connection, or you just reject it and remain anonymous. 

So now i'm going to ask you again. Does this scare you or excite you? #shouldhaveusedpicci