Ask and you shall receive...

Today we’d like to tell you the story of how the wishes of one person on picci's team came true…. and how you too can get whatever you want if you just wish for it hard enough… yeah, just like in ‘The Secret’.

This woman, let’s call her K, was having a bad day. Although she had kicked her diet coke habit months earlier, she found herself at rock bottom after a disagreement about picci's launch date with a temporarily arsy co-worker. Out of sheer habit, her mind went to her old friend, diet coke, who was always there for her in times of need. She wished E, who had just left for lunch, would bring her back one. 

But instead of calling E and asking her to do it, she left it as a wish…. 

Not 20 minutes later E returned and no word of a lie, she placed a diet coke on K’s desk…. 

K could not friggin' believe it!!! K had never even had a diet coke in the office before but clearly, such is the power of wishing… 

Whilst K was overwhelmed with emotion - (how well did E read her?! How quickly did the universe respond?!) she couldn’t help but wonder if she should have wished for something more substantial, like an onslaught of signs ups to picci’s beta or an avalanche of funding offers...

Oh well, now that K knows she has the power, she’s promised to make her wishes count. 

The end. 

Kirstin ButcherComment