Unsung heroes (#NSFW)(#JK)(#SFW)

There’s always a group of supporters who make it possible for the (ahem) “stars” of any show to do their thing… You know, the assistants behind the execs, the husbands behind the wives... Well at Picci, instead of turning to supportive partners (because we're Stoics and Stoics know most people suck) ... we’ve come to rely on the support of a couple of amazing contributors who never let us down. In fact, they're so committed to the Picci cause (the struggle is real people!) they just hang in the office 24/7 waiting to be of service. 

Red Bull
Somehow, it just turns the fuck up ever month and does what it says it will do, supplying energy and focus whenever we need it, no questions asked, no whining. just there. for us. every time.


The Stapler
Has literally never not worked. We actually don't get it… all pre Picci encounters with staplers were completely shit house. They let us down constantly. So much so that every one of us is in awe every time we pick up the stapler and it just works - boom, staple…boom, staple... No pissant, half folded in staples eva! 

The only problem with team members that so reliably do their fucking job is that you start to take them for granted and it is with a heavy heart that we realise just how little recognition Red Bull and The Stapler have gotten for their constancy. We’re ashamed. We’re gonna make it right and this blog post is just the start. We love you guys :) 

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Red Bull
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