A bit about our tech: *The Classifier*

When you're out taking selfies at the bar, Picci is there for you. When you're looking at that guy to try and start a convo with, Picci is there for you. When you're low-key pingin' out at some festival with some new squad of randoms because you can't find your friends, Picci is there for you. Here at picci-tech, we've been hard at work building a magic app that turns your selfies into💫 shooting stars💫 that you can send to anyone in the selfie with you! 

That's right, it's like Voodoo! You just tap on your friends faces in the photo, and it pretty much pokes them right in the face in real life! Well, it kinda does anyway.

You'll never again forget how you met someone, whether it was in the back seat of their rover they couldn't afford, or whatever.. 🚙 🚙


We call this 🔮 magic🔮 unbelievable machine "The Classifier", and it's a juice made entirely out of magical unicorn tears and the sheer willpower of people working all around the world to get it in your hands! That's right, if your hands can hold an iPhone or Android and don't take shaky-AF selfies then this app is just right for you! 

When we've saved up enough classifier juice we store it in a pretty little box I found one time. As you might notice we don't skimp out on the hardware though, we've hooked it up to a USB 3.0 connector that goes in the USB hole after flipping only twice and can also⚡️fast-charge⚡️ The Classifier to 50% in 30 minutes! That means you can take the classifier for a whole day of listening to DJs playing their laptops LIVE and still leave your powerbank at home! (Find my classifier app coming soon)

This October, picci brings you the classifier-box magic in an app form so you can snap and share photos immediately with your smiliest friends! We hope to see your selfie-licious faces soon 😍

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