Andy Henson &  Carl Conquilla , Co-Founders of Picci Technologies.

Andy Henson & Carl Conquilla, Co-Founders of Picci Technologies.


Picci Technologies
Picci Technologies is a computer vision company. We create meaningful products that enhance how people connect and interact with the world around them.

Our technology uses a combination of machine learning and computer vision techniques to match accurately and at a speed. Compared to other algorithms, the Picci-built face recognition system allows for real-time updating and learning which other services can't achieve. Picci learns as it goes and is resilient against spoofing and poor quality data samples. This technology was built by and is owned by Picci Technologies Pty Ltd.

Consumer Application
Picci is a mobile app that allows people to create meaningful connections quickly and simply via photos. Because the tech gives a name to any face in a photo, you can send friend requests directly from a selfie. Share a group photo to everyone in it instantly, without leaving the screen. Chat to anyone you've ever taken a photo with. Picci redefines the photo as the start, not the end, of social interactions.

The Story
The huge task of cracking face recognition tech at mass scale (one of the hardest technological problems at present) was tackled as a result Co-Founder Carl’s inability to seal a date with the girl of his dreams. When they 'met' (she was handing out energy drinks) his inner nerd prevailed and words failed him - all he had from it was a selfie - no name, no phone number, not even a way to stalk her on facebook. He did however have a degree in Mechatronic Engineering and a mate named Andy, so they pitched their idea to Jack's Ventures who have helped them build a special bit of tech (lovingly called the 'classifier') and an app, so that all you will ever need in the future to connect, is a photo of someone's face. Because ‘let’s face it’, we live in a visual world now anyway.

Picci Enterprise helps companies innovate using computer vision and human analytics. Our leading face analysis algorithms allow companies to find, identify and remember people in photos and video in real-time. From banks, to security, building management, hospitality and retail companies, Picci Enterprise can help take your offering to the next level.

Press and Brand Assets
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